Paints and Friends: The nude model croquis (Thursday)

Paints and Friends: The nude model croquis (Thursday)

Thursday 6.6.2019

18:30 - 19:30

Paints and Friends is Helsinki-based collective that organize arts workshops with changing concepts. Their stataments says that Paints and Friends organize only events that they themselves would love to take part, and that anyone can be an artists – no previous experience or skills needed! 

Making art is fun, relaxed and suitable for anybody!

At Sideways Paints and Friends organize two kinds of sessions. Nude model drawing with sketcy-style croquis technique, and theme of second session is to paint in the festival atmosphere.

And what's best, here you enjoy cold beer or tasty glass of wine. We recommend you to visit nearest bar before joining the session!

Paints and Frieds sessions can be found at Theatre venue in the back alley of ice hall. Two sessions per day, duration about 1 hour. We have room for 25 persons per session. Just arrive to location, no need to RSVP in advance.