Saturday 13.6.2020


Ruusut is a Finnish electropop bad that started a synth revolution in 2018 with the single ”Käärmeen sisällä”. The band is known for its completely unique and alternative sound. Songs like ”Glitchit” and ”555” have completely mesmerized listeners.

Ruusut was formed by Finnish musical professionals Ringa Manner (The Hearing, Pintandwefall), Alpo Nummelin (Cityman, Eleanoora Rosenholm), Miikka Koivisto (Disco Ensemble) and Samuli Kukkola (Solano+Profettes). Vital for the band’s original music are it’s poetic lyrics that are created by author Lauri Levola, also known as ”the fifth ruusu”.

In just a couple of years Ruusut has offered us music we did not know we needed. The band released it’s debut album in 2018, and has after that been called the most important musical phenomenon in Finland. It also won the critics’ choice Emma award last year. Their already awaited new single ”Avaimet avaa ovii" is now released, and so continues the new era of Finnish music that Ruusut started.