Saturday 13.6.2020


One of the world's most known and respected world music ensembles Tinariwen will perform it's hypnotic desert blues at Sideways! 

Tinariwen's story began in the early 1980's at a Libyan military camp. The band has been described as rock'n'roll's true renegades, since they have fought alongside the Tuareg people in their uprising in Mali. Tinariwen's music was originally spread from hand to hand as cassette tapes, slowly gaining fame on different sides of the Sahara. 

After it's international breakthourgh, Tinariwen's Tuareg blues also has had influences from Western rock music. The band's roots are also in Algerian rai music, which can be heard in their music, but on top of that they've gotten inspiration from names like Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant is a known Tinariwen fan and has also performed with the band. 

Tinariwen's 8th studio album "Amadjar" was released in 2019 and it is featured by artists like Cass McComb and Warren Ellis.