Sideways is much more than just bands and music. We are happy to announce the first themes in our Sideways Program.

- FCF Wrestling present about 20 best nordic athletes. 
- Animal Karaoke is the sequel to last years Sideways hit #1 Bird Karaoke. 
- Immersive theatre collective 00100ENSEMBLE build secret Club Verona somewhere in festival area in the mood of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet. 
- Recover Laboratory present performing arts – keep your eyes open when walking around Nordis.
- Yin & Juice Yoga combine two of our favourite hobbies: Yoga lesson and drinking booze!
- Always wanted to be an actor/actress? Here's your chance: join Movie Scene Karaoke.
- House of Auer present what Finnish underground drag scene look in 2019.
- Quiz competition Sideways: Decades is focusing on pop culture during 80s, 90's and 00's.
- Super popular Sideways Arcade returns also this year! About 20 pinball machines available in free play mode.

Read more about all these at:

All Sideshows are included in price of Sideways ticket. More sideshows will be announced during April and May...